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Drei wichtige Nachrichten von uns.

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23. März 2020

Aufgrund der aktuellen Corona Lage hat unser Team drei wichtige "Key Messages" zusammengestellt. Wir wünschen euch allen gute Gesundheit und bleibt positiv!

Drei wichtige Nachrichten von uns.  - drei-wichtige-nachrichten-von-uns---ID14566-1.jpg?v=1584953293

Let's stay home to support the health industry!

The entire population is affected and urgently called upon to take responsibility.
To limit the number of severe cases of the disease and prevent our healthcare system from being overloaded.
We all want this situation to be over as soon as possible, therefore we need to act together… just think about the drink / coffee / party / dinner that you can have with your friends & family soon again!

Drei wichtige Nachrichten von uns.  - drei-wichtige-nachrichten-von-uns---ID14566-2.jpg?v=1584953293

It's a great time to help others & support local businesses!
Small businesses and entrepreneurs around the country are struggling.

Check if the local businesses offer online orders now and if not, think about buying vouchers of them so they still have an income and you can enjoy the service as soon as social distancing is over.

It is also a great time to leave reviews and/or to like and comment posts
Last but not least: think about others that may need your help now. Maybe elderly people in your neighborhood or social groups that are still looking for support.

Drei wichtige Nachrichten von uns.  - drei-wichtige-nachrichten-von-uns---ID14566-3.jpg?v=1584953293

Stay positive & take the opportunity to slow down!

It is especially hard for artists and other self employed people who are forced to shut down their businesses.
But the government is finding solutions for us and it's important to stay positive.

Is there something that you have planned to do a long time ago? Trying Yoga, reading a book, cleaning your closet? Leave us a comment with your "long awaited task" that you are finally tackling now.

Stay healthy - your MakeItUp team!


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