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30. March 2020

These days when we’re spending more time at home, a lot of people take the time to clear out their place. We’re going through a challenging time for sure and this is a way of making the best out of the situation. At the change of seasons, it’s the perfect time to rearrange your wardrobe and cr...

Neue Formen

02. March 2020

We will certainly not be bored this season! We see many different shapes and are looking forward to a new silhouette. ASYMMETRIE The focus of this trend is on the cutout. Blouses, shirts and dresses with asymmetrical details spice up every outfit. We defy the winter and show skin! 1. h...

New seasn new colours

27. February 2020

Spring is around the corner and if you’ve visited the stores lately you might have noticed that the Spring collections are already hanging on the racks. With Spring comes new exciting colours and you get the chance to update your wardrobe. So what shades should you go for? Here are 8 important tre...


30. January 2020

Shopping during the sales can be a dreadful experience; the stores being full of people and the clothes being stacked too closely, which can make it difficult finding what you’re looking for. But don’t despair, take a deep breath and read through our seven sale shopping tips. We’ll insure yo...


06. January 2020

It's cold outside. - and you are still looking for your new winter coat? Then let's get going! These coats make our hearts beat faster OVERSIZE This season the coats can't be big enough. Not only are they big, but they are also getting longer and longer and are now allowed to almost reach the ...

Stay warm

28. November 2019

The work as a fashion stylist may take you to amazing locations with beautiful landscapes and breathtaking views. It’s a great privilege that comes with the job, but one need to be dressed for the occasion. Sometimes the weather conditions can be cruel. In Sweden there’s a popular saying: “the...


28. October 2019

Today Our artist Mimmi shows you the new accesoires trends. Do you feel like trying out some new trends but without changing up your whole entire wardrobe? Investing in some fun, new accessories is a great way to add that little extra something and make your existing clothing selection more cont...

Wolle pflege

26. September 2019

On those cold fall days, you might want to start investing in some soft and comforting wool sweaters to keep you warm. But how do you make sure your pretty new wool jumper stays looking clean and in shape for years to come? Here are a few hot tips on how to take care of your new wool garment: 1. ...


29. August 2019

Fall is sneaking up on us and you might start thinking about storing away your Summer clothes to make space for your Fall wardrobe. Before you start looking to invest in new clothing, read about our four practical hacks on how to incorporate your Summer wardrobe into your Fall outfits. That way you...

Trendcolors SS19

01. July 2019

Der Sommer wird fröhlich und bunt! Ob satte Gelb-Nuancen, lebhafte Koralltöne oder knalliges Blau – alles wirkt frisch und strahlend und macht richtig Lust auf Sommer, Sonne und Sonnenschein. Nach dem grauen Winter sind sie eine absolut willkommene Abwechslung für unsere Augen! Die lebendigen ...