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30. January 2020

Shopping during the sales can be a dreadful experience; the stores being full of people and the clothes being stacked too closely, which can make it difficult finding what you’re looking for. But don’t despair, take a deep breath and read through our seven sale shopping tips. We’ll insure you that your next sale shopping experience will be much more enjoyable.

1. Be prepared. Make sure you’ve eaten before you hit the stores. Walking through the racks being hangry (hungry + angry) is not going to make it a pleasurable experience for you or the people around you. Bring a healthy snack for that sudden sugar dip and a bottle of water to keep you hydrated.

2. Dress for success. Put on comfortable shoes and wear light clothing, that won’t make you too hot and that are easy to get out of as you hit the changing rooms. A crossover bag or a back pack keep your hands free so that you can easily carry clothing.

3. Bring your headphones and your favorite tunes. This will keep you in a great mood as you stroll through the stores.

4. Set a budget. Those red tags are very seductive and can make you loose control of your spending. By setting a budget you avoid those regretful spending sprees.

5. Be early. Visit the stores in the morning. There are less people and the lines to the changing rooms are definitely shorter.

6. Have a plan. Look through your wardrobe before going shopping and write a list of what you need to fill the gaps. With this targeted approach you avoid buying things that end up hanging in the back of the closet, never being used. Before you head to the cashier, ask yourself: “Do I really need this?”

7. Make sure you sign up to the newsletters of your favorite stores. You’ll know when the sale starts and you’ll be notified about special deals and discount codes before everyone else.

Happy shopping!

A GUIDE TO EFFORTLESS SALES SHOPPING - ein-leitfaden-f--r-m--heloses-einkaufen-ID14536-1.jpeg?v=1580206662

1. Back pack / Heschel 2. Water bottle / BKR 3. Head phones / Happy Plug 4. Note book / Junique 5. Sneakers / Adidas



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